How to pass the TfL English Language Requirement Test for PCO drivers

To work as an Uber driver in London, you must possess the necessary PCO licence from Transport for London (TfL). In order to secure this valid permit, three short tests set by TfL have been put into place. The English Language Requirement (ELR) assesses your ability to comprehend and communicate effectively with customers, while a topographical test evaluates one’s knowledge of basic geography within the city. As regulations are subject to change each year be sure that your understanding is up-to-date; our article provides invaluable insight on both exams covering 2022 qualifications so take advantage today!  

What is the English Language Requirement for a PCO licence?

In 2016, Transport for London took the unprecedented step of introducing and enforcing English Language Requirements (ELR) on Private Hire Drivers operating in the capital. This requirement meant that drivers had to prove an intermediate level comprehension equivalent to B1 Standard under Common European Framework of Reference guidelines before receiving PCO approval – ensuring a minimum standard was met when interacting with customers from all over the world. Fast forward to October 2021, TfL upgraded this policy by no longer allowing documentary evidence as proof – now only actual ELR tests will be accepted going forward!  

Who is required to pass the English Test?

Everybody must sit the new Tfl English assessment. It doesn’t matter if you are an existing driver or a new driver. Private hire drivers who applied for a licence after October 1st 2021 must take the two ELR assessments by March 31, 2023. Those who submitted their applications before this date but failed to provide TfL-acceptable evidence have until September 30th 2022 to pass both tests. Existing PHV Drivers renewing their license will also need to meet these requirements upon expiration of the transitional arrangements on March 31, 2023 in order to proceed with renewal processes successfully.  

What does the English Test Include?

The Tfl English test is split into two halves. The first part is speaking and the second part is listening. Both tests are examined at B1 Level, which is entry level English. For more information on the PCO License Application and English Language Requirement contact PCO License East London


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