How to pass the TfL English Language Requirement Test for PCO drivers

To work as an Uber driver in London, you must possess the necessary PCO licence from Transport for London (TfL). In order to secure this valid permit, three short tests set by TfL have been put into place. The English Language Requirement (ELR) assesses your ability to comprehend and communicate effectively with customers, while a topographical test evaluates one’s knowledge of basic geography within the city. As regulations are subject to change each year be sure that your understanding is up-to-date; our article provides invaluable insight on both exams covering 2022 qualifications so take advantage today!

PCO License Topographical Training: What You Need to Know

If you’re looking to become a private hire vehicle (PHV) driver in London, you’ll need to obtain a PCO license. To do so, you’ll be required to complete PCO License Topographical Training and pass a topographical skills test. In this article, we’ll cover what you need to know about topographical training and the PCO Topographical skills test.

10 Expenses to Claim as a PCO Driver in London during Self-Assessment

As a private hire pco driver, you deserve to keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible. That’s why claiming allowable expenses on the self assessment tax form is so important! Knowing these can help maximise earnings in an increasingly competitive industry that requires high maintenance costs for PCO cars such as petrol and diesel, insurance and more. Keep track of all those associated costs with detailed records – then read this blog post about what PHV drivers are eligible to claim for when completing their taxes!

PCO License Renewal

A PCO licence is valid for 3 years. To continue as a PCO licensed driver, PCO License Renewal happens every 3 years.