10 Expenses to Claim as a PCO Driver in London during Self-Assessment

As a private hire pco driver, you deserve to keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible. That’s why claiming allowable expenses on the self assessment tax form is so important! Knowing these can help maximise earnings in an increasingly competitive industry that requires high maintenance costs for PCO cars such as petrol and diesel, insurance and more. Keep track of all those associated costs with detailed records – then read this blog post about what PHV drivers are eligible to claim for when completing their taxes!

How Pco Drivers File Taxes

PCO car drivers in London have the responsibility of filing a self-assessment tax return each year to determine their owed taxes. This can seem like an overwhelming task, but luckily there are many resources available online or professionals you hire who can do it for you. Before beginning this process however, be sure that all your business expenses are understood — which ones should qualify and which ones cannot? Don’t let the pressure of preparing yourself weigh too heavily; come armed with knowledge so that completing your return is as stress-free as possible!

Expenses you can Claim on your Tax Return

As a Private Hire Vehicle driver in London, you can capitalise on several deductible expenses to increase your profitability and ease the tax burden come end of year. Don’t forget – personal use doesn’t count as an expense. However, if it’s related to your job – like picking up or dropping off passengers – then you may be eligible for deductions! Mileage costs or fuel fares are frequently claimable expenditures that could significantly reduce what you owe during filing season; just remember: always keep receipts so there is no room for inconsistency when reporting these items at income tax time! Here are some further details regarding PHV allowable expenses applicable to those with valid PCO licences.

Keeping your car on the roads and running smoothly can become quite costly, but luckily for PCO drivers these expenses are all tax deductible! Fuel costs at the time of purchase will be taken off from annual claims. Maintenance like MOT tests, tyre servicing and more can also effectively reduce taxable income as long as they’ve been properly verified. Road Tax is an essential fee paid annually to keep cars driving in London – this cost doesn’t go unrewarded either; it’s 100% claimable against taxes too! Finally, original licensing fees when getting that all important PCO licence are available to write-off completely each year – so don’t let rewarding journeys leave you with hefty bills come April 5th.

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