Electric vehicle charging apps in London – 2023

London’s electric vehicle infrastructure plan looks ahead and taking in account current and upcoming expansion in the industry. It is continuously updating the user necessities to ensure that set-up is in London as the evolution of electric vehicle accelerates beyond the initial phase.

Transport for London (TfL) are working along with various public sectors and private sectors to develop a network of electric vehicle charging point, which will help PCO and private hire drivers to charge their electric vehicle quickly and efficiently.

Types of electric vehicles

There are various types of electric vehicles and by switching to a zero-emission vehicle, not only does PCO and private hire drivers save fuel money, also help to reduce harmful vehicle emission for cleaner air.

  • Battery electric vehicle (BEV) – this is powered a battery which drives the electric motor.  There is no exhaust or tailpipe emissions and can charge up to 100 to 300 miles per single full charge.
  • Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) – has a traditional diesel or petrol engine and charges up to 50 miles.  This can function in hybrid mode using internal combustion engine.
  • Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) – fuel cell uses hydrogen to produce electricity and power vehicle wheel and can charge up to 300 miles.

PCO and private hire vehicle driver’s charging strategy

As PCO and private hire drivers are revolving in the direction of electric vehicles in huge numbers.  To ensure your vehicle is constantly fully charged every day, it is important that PCO and private hire drivers have a strategy in place to meet daily needs, without continuously underlining about your range.

PCO and private hire drivers can charge their electric vehicle in public charge points, apps, home and workplace.

Top electric vehicle charging apps in London

As a PCO or private hire driver, by driving an electric vehicle, it is easier to steer London’s heavy traffic.  There is various charging app in London and easy to access. Therefore, all you need is a smartphone and a charging cable.

The charging apps allow you to locate your charging points, monitor, check prices in advance, pay for charges and keep track of your charging history.

  • Bonnet – connects to over 21 plus different charging apps in one app.  Gives access to accurate and live data for each charge point and you can either and get 15% discount if you subscribe or pay-as-you-go option.
  • Bp Pulse – has over 8,500 charging points at suitable places such as supermarkets, hotels and public places.  The app is very- in-built, user friendly and specialises in fast chargers, which is very beneficial for PCO and private hire drivers. PCO and private hire drivers can either use this as a free member or subscribe. However, if PCO and private hire drivers subscribe, you can benefit from various offers and package deals such as access to low charge fares, free connection to Bp charge points and 24/7 in-house support.
  •  Pod Point – is popular electric vehicle charge app.  Pod Point has amply of charging points across the UK, in places such as supermarket and hotels and had slow, fast and rapid chargers, which is compatible to all plug-in car models.  PCO and private hire drivers, can download the app without subscribing or membership fee.  You can top up as you charge, and the prices differs by location and charger type, likewise more than half of the charging stations are free to use.
  • Shell Recharge – gives PCO and private hire drivers access to extensive public charging links such as Ubitricity, Ionity, Osprey and Genie Point.   The app allows you to locate the charging points and monitor in real-time.
  •  Octopus Electroverse – Octopus Electroverse is part of Octopus Energy, PCO and private hire drivers can access various network charging points, such as Ionity, Shell Recharge, Char.gy and Osprey.  With Octopus Electroverse, PCO and private hire drivers can access charging history, insight and manage your account.
  • Source London – this app has more than 1,700 charging points.  The fares are very high, as the charge is per minute instead of hour.  You


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