How To Avoid The Traffic in London

Being well informed about traffic in London is very crucial, especially if you are a PCO or private hire driver. Driving in London during peak hours can be a nightmare due to high level of traffic congestion.

In order to ensure you provide the best service to your customers, you must be aware of what is happening in London and plan the journey accordingly. By planning ahead, this supports you to escape from getting stuck in traffic and help you provide a more effective and efficient rideshare journey for your passengers and improve your quality of service.

It is hard to move around in London and when caught in traffic can delay reaching your destination; therefore, you as a PCO and private hire driver must always beware of few tips and tricks to avoid being late as this is not something passenger would be happy about.

To provide good quality service in London, as a POC and private hire driver, you need to understand the topographical aspect of London, only then you can plan and escape the traffic of London.

Why is London’s traffic hard to steer?

London is a large city and has a high population compared to other cities. Over millions of vehicles are on the road during day and night, this signifies means not just during peak hours.

  • Plan your route

The best way to prevent needless delays while on the job, is to plan your route in advance. When planning your journey, it is important that keep in mind the condition of the traffic in London, as this aid you in ensuring you provide the best service to your customers. Likewise, you can use the GPS navigation system to help you throughout the journey, as this will help you find the quickest route with least congestions and keep you update on any road closures or accidents.

Furthermore, as a PCO and private hire driver, it is vital that you know your area and the streets as this will help you to find alternative ways and avoid traffic.

  • Having the right vehicle

As a PCO and private hire driver in order to ensure you provide a quality service, it is essential to ensure you have the right vehicle such as electric vehicle. To sustain the sternness of London’s traffic, you must ensure your vehicle is well-maintained at all times.

The advantages of having an electric vehicle:

  • Eco-friendly – By having an electric vehicle, as a PCO and private hire driver you save money on congestion charges and they are Ultra-Low Emission Zone; moreover, electric vehicles are eco-friendly, as it produces less emissions.
  • Fuel – Over the coming years fuel is going to be less and less popular, therefore it is advisable that PCO and private hire drivers change to electric vehicles, as this reduces fuel cost.
  • Other advantages – By using an electric vehicle PCO and private hire drivers are exempt from various fees and reduction on tax, this helps PCO and private hire drivers make more profit.

Common Issues

As PCO and private hire drivers, you must always ensure that you are ready for almost anything, most importantly the weather as this is very unpredictable. When you plan your journey, you must consider weather conditions such as whether it is a rainy or foggy day as this is affect the traffic you may encounter while driving.


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