Become an Uber Driver

Become an Uber Driver

Operating in 45 countries and cities from Abu Dhabi to London, UBER is redefining the taxi industry benefiting both Uber driver and passengers in many ways. UBER is a mobile phone app, that allows drivers to work at a convenient time for them as they load the app and begin accepting jobs. In addition, drivers earn a higher premium then they would if they were working for a mini-cab office as their commissions are cut out. Essentially, the app is a convenient and cost effective referral service for drivers.

Passengers have quicker and cheaper access to a mini-cab service on the go wherever UBER is operating. A request for service put through on their phone will enable them to see how far the cab is and how much a fare would cost. Debit card details of the customer are stored on the app allowing payment to be taken without any direct exchange between the driver and the passenger, of course this lowers the chances of confrontations over cab fares and allows each party to participate in a seamless exchange.


For signing up to Uber using the code: UBERAIOCUE you get £300 cashback when you complete 20 trips! you can complete that many jobs on your in day so we recommend signing up now, even if your still awaiting your PCO licence to take advantage of the offer..

No, Uber will in fact take care of that when your ready to start driving! All pre-loaded with the app so you can start earning money in no time.

PCO Licence East London provides full support on the next steps to become an UBER driver after a candidate has completed their test.

Yes, It is legally required to have a PCO licence in order to work as a private hire mini-cab.

Yes, Uber empowers you to manage your own schedule. All you have to do is get on the road and start accepting requests. If you become busy, simply go offline until your ready to start again.


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