PCO Renewals

Let us take out the headache and stress off renewing your PCO Licence. Renewing your PCO licence in good time is very crucial, as it is illegal to drive with an expired PCO licence.
Here at PCO East London, we provide a PCO licence renewal package,which includesa medical examination with our in-house GP (GMC registered) who will complete your TPH 204 medial form.We will then apply for your DBS check and submit your renewal application online automatically to TFL.


If your pass the expiry date of your badge and you do not renew in timeyou MUST NOT continue to drive. If you do not manage to renew your Pco licence in time, TFLwill allow you an extension of up to3 months from the date of expiry!If you do not renew your Pco licence within these 3 months, and you wish to continue/carry on driving you must file a new application to TFL.


You will receive your new Pco licence in the post, directly to your home address.

Pco Renewal Package Price - £483 all fees Inclusive!

This package consists of:
*Please note all services are sold separately and do not have to be taken as a package.