PCO Electric Vehicle Advantages

Driving in London is becoming more expensive day by day, particularly for PCO licence drivers. Currently, the use of electronic vehicles is on the rise. Currently, with the dropping price of electronic vehicles and extensive improvement in the battery range and charging time within the last few years, there has been a massive increase in drivers switching from traditional petrol cars to electronic vehicles than ever before.

In 2021, there were 6.6 million electronic vehicles and hybrid plug-in cars sold, this increased by 40% in 2022. Therefore, it is the perfect time why you should switch to an electronic vehicle this year.

There are many reasons why PCO drivers should switch over from traditional to electronic vehicle.

  • Traveling distance – Before electronic vehicles were able to travel small distances, however, manufactures have improved the driving range. For example, before the driving range was between 80 to 118 miles, but now it is up to 264 miles. This is great news for PCO drivers that normally travel 150-200 miles per day.
  • Charging stations – There is an increase of growth in electronic vehicle charging stations around Greater London and more are being installed each month, this has resulted in a reduction of charging time by 80% since 2012. This will give PCO drivers easy access to charging stations.
  • Ultra Low Emission Zone – At present electronic vehicles are exempt from paying the ULEZ charge between A406 (North Circular Road) and A205 (South Circular Road). Henceforth, ULEZ will be increasing from August 2023 and cover all London Boroughs. Also, electric vehicles will be exempted from paying congestion charges till 2025, this will help PCO drivers as they will not need to pay congestion charges.
  • Petrol increase – Since 2022, petrol prices have risen and it has become expensive, especially for PCO drivers. When driving electric vehicles, PCO drivers will be less stressed as electricity is more meticulous than petrol.
  • Government financial incentives – When changing to electric vehicles, PCO drivers can have access to several financial help that is funded by the government and private businesses. The government has the EV Chargepoint Grant (£350), which helps with installation of charging station in PCO drivers own home and Uber has schemes such as Uber Green, Uber and Clean Air Plan.

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