How to protect your PCO vehicle from keyless theft

In this era, keyless PCO vehicles is nothing out of the ordinary, it is very normal nowadays.  This is becoming popular on all vehicles of any size, shape and price.

The keyless entry is very accessible to all PCO and private hire drivers and allows PCO and private hire drivers to start their vehicle without having to put the key in the ignition hole.  This is a clever system that allows PCO and private hire drivers to open vehicle doors by just brushing their hand or wave the foot to open boot-lid.  The keyless entry system is simply brilliant and very convenient; however, it can have its down side as well.

As a PCO and private hire driver, a keyless vehicle may be the right vehicle for you.  However, majority of the PCO and private hire drivers do not take the right measures to protect their vehicle, which has resulted in record high in vehicle break-ins and thefts.

How does keyless key functions?

The function of keyless entry is simple.  The keyless entry works by sending short-range radio signals between the vehicle and key fob. For example, when the fob key is near the vehicle i.e. in a handbag or pocket the signal goes to the vehicles onboard computer which unlocks the door.  Moreover, when the engine is turned off, the vehicle will lock the doors automatically.  When you are inside the vehicle, the engine can be started without putting the key in the ignition, as the onboard computer can sense if the fob key is located inside or outside the vehicle.

Malfunctions with keyless vehicle – Like many advantages of having a keyless vehicle, there are disadvantages as well, for example:

  • If the fob key is out of range, the engine does not automatically turn off (incase you are stuck somewhere and the vehicle/fob key battery dies.
  • If you do not have the fob key in range and the engine is turned off, it will not be possible to start the vehicle without the fob key.
  • Glitches on the keyless 0

How keyless vehicles are stolen? –keyless vehicles can be stolen very easily if you are not careful.  For example, a relay trick to capture the key signal and transmit the signal to unlock the vehicle, which then allows the vehicle to sense that the fob key is nearby.

Ways to prevent keyless vehicle thefts?

  • Signal-blocking wallet – this will block the signal and prevent thieves getting access to the code transmitted between the fob key and vehicle; also, averts duplication and boosting of the key.
  • Store keys away from vehicle doors and windows – this will avert thieves duplicating keys   therefore ensure PCO and private hire drivers keep their fob key well away from vehicle windows and door, as thieves use amplifier to extend the range, which boosts the signal and lets the vehicle think that the fob key is inside or near the vehicle.
  • Charging unattended – when charging keyless vehicle ensure it ifs within your sight and you do not leave it unattended.  Also, ensure your fob eye is not within range.
  • Steering wheel lock – this is more of an old fashion theft prevention.  The steering wheel lock is visual and thieves are able to see before even attempting.
  • Defensive parking – if you have own drive way or garage it is safer to park.  However, if park on the street, ensure the vehicle is visible i.e. park in front of your house or a place where the streets lights are working.
  • Locking your vehicle – when leaving the vehicle, always double check to ensure your vehicle is locked
  • Valuables out of view – Always ensure you keep your valuables out of sight as this attract thieves.


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