Effective Ways to Charge Your Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are continuously evolving in both battery size and charging speed. The number of electric vehicles charging points are on the increase in the UK with over 45,000 charging stations in the UK, which includes over 14,000 located within London.  This has made it easy for PCO and private hire drivers to access charging station.

Charging your electric vehicle

When charging an electric vehicle, it is vital for PCO and private hire drivers to understand when and how to charge an electric vehicle.  Opposing to a fuel engine vehicle, where you can fill you fuel tank when it is empty and it does not affect the vehicle, it is not the same for an electric vehicle.

Charging an electric vehicle from 0% and 100% can drain the vehicle battery life; however, best time to charge is when there is 20% charge left and you charge up to 80%.  This way the battery life

There are various ways PCO and private hire drivers can charge electric vehicles resourcefully and cost effectively, while maximising the lifecycle of electric vehicle battery.

Home charging point – charging an electric vehicle at home is more convenient and cheaper than charging at a charge station.  When charging at home, PCO and private hire driver will not need to line up, like you will need to at charging points and you are able to charge at any time of the day, especially during times when electricity rates are low.  Also, by having electric vehicle charger fitted at your home, you can improve battery life as well as increase the value of the property.

Overnight charging – By having a home charger, PCO and private hire drivers have the benefit charging overnight without any disruptions and having  full charge when starting the job.

Ways to top up while on the road – There are many ways to top up your electric vehicle while on the road.  When charging your electric vehicle, it is recommended not to fully charge the electric vehicle as this can reduce battery life.

When on the road, PCO and private hire drivers can to short top-ups by using fast chargers.  With fast charging, PCO and private hire drivers can charge their electric vehicle fully within 40 minutes, which saves time and gets PCO and private hire drivers through the day with ease. However, using this repetition all the time can have major affects on the vehicle battery life; therefore, it is best to quick top-up instead of full charging.


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