How does fixed penalty effect PCO drivers

Driving around London is very tough and difficult at times, especially for PCO and private hire drivers who are new to the job.

What is a fixed penalty notice?

The fixed penalty notice is mainly issued for low level driving offences such as tailgating, speeding, sudden braking or using mobile phone or waiting within the box junction.  This is like a provisional offer given to drivers help tackle careless driving, where you can pay the fine and get the penalty points and avoid going to court and this also applied to all PCO and private hire drivers. However, by failing to follow procedures correctly, PCO and private hire driver may lose their PCO licence and charges will rise significantly.

What to do after getting a fixed penalty notice?

There are various types of penalty notices you can get and speeding is a very common offence. PCO and private hire driver need to be extra careful when driving on the road, as this will have great impact on their PCO licence.

When PCO and private hire drivers get a fixed penalty, the maybe a fee payment between £80 to £100 and 3 points on the licence.  PCO and private hire driver must ensure the fee is paid without delay and the driving licence sent to DVLA as soon as possible for points to be added to the licence.

It is very important that PCO and private hire drivers inform TfL within 21 days of any driving convictions or fixed penalty notices, as failing to notify may result in your licence being revoked by TfL.

What happens when you do not pay your speeding fine?

If PCO and private hire drivers try to avoid paying the fixed penalty notice, the fine will increase and may have to attend court.  By not responding, TfL can cancel your PCO licence or suspend you from driving and this will have major effects when you try to apply for a PCO or private hire licence in the future.

Can I take a speed awareness course?

Sometimes you can avoid getting a fixed penalty notice by simply attending a speed awareness course.  However, this is only possible by invite only.  PCO and private hire drivers will need to meet the criteria in order to be eligible for the course.    The police will check your speed and check if you have completed an awareness course with the three years.

The speed awareness course is not free, PCO and private hire drivers must pay a fee, which is equivalent to the fixed penalty notice fee.

Difference between a fixed penalty notice and penalty charge notice?

Fixed penalty notice (FPN) is issued by the police for dangerous driving or speeding; whereas as penalty charge notices (PCN) are issued by the local council for minor offences such as parking on a double yellow line or parking without a valid ticket or permit.  With the penalty charge notice, you are given 14 days to pay the fee or write an informal appeal and if you do not pay the fee doubles.

It is important that all PCO and private hire drivers, ensure they drive carefully when on the road and abide by the rule and regulation to avoid getting fixed penalty notices.


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