Driving an Electric Vehicle for Uber

Within the last few years, notable percentage of PCO and private hire vehicles are fully electric.   This move was driven by the various benefits and actions taken by UK Government and private rideshare organisations such as Uber, which encourages PCO and private hire driver to switch.

Some of the benefits of driving a electric vehicle:

Economical – Electric vehicles are cost-effective than petrol vehicles.  This means PCO and private hire drivers save money on fuels and maintenance, as electric vehicles are 50% cheaper than petrol vehicles.  As for maintenance, electric vehicles can be expensive; however, you do not need to service your electric vehicle as often as petrol vehicles, as less parts break down, no internal combustion engine, no oil change and extended battery warranty.

Income – By driving an electric vehicle, PCO and private hire drivers can increase their income by 10% and get access to discount charging rate as well as financial help when buying electric vehicles with Uber EV Assistance.

Congestion and ULEZ charge – When driving an electric vehicle in London, PCO and private hire drivers are exempt from congestion and ULEZ charges, this averts the inconvenience of extra charges which helps in saving £27.50 per day. As a bonus, when driving an electric vehicle, PCO and private hire drivers are excused from paying the UK Road Tax as well as getting access to other incentives such as free parking permits and discounted rates depending on the borough.

Zero and Low emission streets – There is a vast area in london that has become Zero and Low emission, which is only for non-polluting vehicles such as electric vehicles.  As a result, this is a huge benefit factor all PCO and private hire drivers who drive electric vehicles, then those driving petrol vehicles.

Future prospects – By 2050, the Government plan to change London to fully zero-emission.  Therefore, all new PCO and private drivers must ensure they purchase an electric vehicle rather than a petrol or diesel vehicle.  This is crucial, as a PCO and private hire driver must meet the Euro 6 emission standard we purchasing or hiring vehicles.

All PCO and private hire drivers can enjoy the many benefits and save money when switching from petrol/diesel vehicles to fully electric vehicle, such as increase in income, no fuel expenses or congestion charges and many more.


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