Mental Health and Wellbeing

In life we all go through mental health, whether it is situational or psychological.  However, not everyone’s perception or experience is the same; therefore, at times people do not want to admit they are going through some sort of mental health issues or have gone through in the past. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that most PCO and private hire drivers fear that they may not be able to get a PCO licence or their licence being revoked or suspended, this occasionally leads to PCO and private hires drivers feeling reluctant to mention if they are or have suffered from mental health issues. 

For the safety of all PCO and private hire drivers, passengers, the public and other roadside users, it is important to encourage PCO or private hire drivers understand mental health, by helping to raise awareness of their health and wellbeing and guide them on ways of managing and living a normal life. 

Common sign for mental health:

  • Feeling anxious or depressed
  • Suddenly feeling unhappy, hopeless or upset
  • Feeling annoyed or angry without a reason, loss of interest
  • Unable to sleep or continuously sleeping
  • Feeling exhausted, distracted or confused
  • Loss of appetite

Driver safety

To ensure safety of PCO and private hire drivers, TfL have collaborated with Metropolitan Police Service to deliver safety advice on how to stay safe while working.

Safe keeping of money and possessions:

  • Carrying cash – minimize the amount of you carry.
  • Mobile or other devices – keep it safe and out of reach of customers.
  • Threatening behaviour – with knife or other weaponries, call 999 straight away.

Being safe during driving:

  • Unexpectedly requests to stop or go into quieter area – stop at a safe location.
  • Distractive behaviour – be cautious of sudden request to adjust customer seats access to boot (deliberate to get you out of your vehicle) and if you leave your vehicle, ensure you switch the vehicle off and take the keys with you.


  • Suspected misconducts – must report this to the police.
  • Emergency – during any emergency call 999 or 101 or online at
  • Booking information – PCO and private hire drivers must keep records of all booking as this may be required during any criminal investigation.             

Useful information:

  • CCTV system – install TfL approved system
  • Vehicle tracking device – to locate when vehicle is stolen

Many times, people get confused with mental health and mental illness.  There is a difference between mental health and mental illness such as:

Mental health issues – this is a temporary phase we go through such as depression, anxiety or fear being lonely or going out.   One can get through this with support from families and friends, as well as counselling.

Mental illness – this is more serious and can result in not getting a PCO or private hire licence.  There is various support available to help those who suffer from mental illness apart from families and friend such as, charities, counselling and medications.

It is vital that PCO and private hire drivers notify TfL/DVLA of any changes in their medical or health condition and must not ignore their health and wellbeing in fear of losing their PCO licence.

However, if PCO or private hire drivers do not seek medical help or guidance, this could lead to licensing action such as revoked or suspended.


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