Importance of health as a PCO driver

Working as a PCO or private hire driver has many incentives such as being independent, flexibility and an opportunity to earn good money.  However, this is only possible, if PCO and private hire drivers take good care of their heathy and well-being.

Being a PCO and private hire driver, you will be sitting in your vehicle while driving for long hours.  Therefore, it is vital that you take care of health and wellbeing for yourself and your passenger.


Healthy eating is the primary part of your health, especially as a PCO and private hire driver.  By avoiding fast food such as McDonalds, KFC or pizza and eating a healthy balanced diet that has vegetables, healthy proteins, fats and carbohydrates is the best approach for health and wellbeing.

Therefore, when PCO and private hire drivers work long hour shifts, it is best to take home cooked food, as this way you know the nutrients that are in your food.  Also, it is important that PCO and private hire driver have healthy snacks with them at all times.


As a PCO and private hire driver, it a very important that you are hydrated at all times; therefore, it is essential that you try to avoid have drink such as coffee, which will dehydrate you rather than hydrate. By drinking plenty of fluid such as water, this way as PCO and private hire drivers you will have more energy and be more alert on the job. PCO and private hire drivers must always have water bottles in their vehicle.

Correct posture while driving:

When driving, it is crucial that PCO and private hire drivers sit properly when driving.  By having the correct posture, can prevent drivers from causing server health issues such as long-term back pain.  When sitting, PCO and private hire drivers need to sit at an angle that is comfortable and should relax their body muscles.

Plenty of sleep:

For PCO and private hire drivers, sleep is very vial.  Without plenty of rest, PCO and private hire drivers will not be able to focus on their job and will always be tired.  This can prove fatal as due t lack of sleep drivers can have accidents.  Therefore, plenty of rest and sleep is crucial.

Being active/taking a break:

Along with health eating, plenty of sleep and ensuring the posture is correct when driving, it is very important that PCO and private hire drivers are active and take a short break after long journeys.  By getting out of the car walking around or even having a snack is the best idea to help driver stretch their legs and have a break for snacks, this will help drivers concentrate on the job. Also, when not on duty, by going to the gym or taking walks.

Overall, by simply implementing these routines, PCO and private hire drivers will be able to maintain and balance their overall health and wellbeing.


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