Earn A Little Extra During Winter

As winter is here, specially with Christmas just around the corner; this is the best time for PCO and private drivers to earn that little bit extra. 

December is the busiest time of the year for PCO and private hire drivers, as you can earn more than you do throughout the year.  This is due to bad weather, reduced public transport and the surge pricing for the Christmas season.

In order to ensure you PCO and private hire driver is able to take full advantage of situation, you can take few simple steps that will allow to earn that little bit extra money, while reducing risks.

Check Your Vehicle

It is important to ensure your vehicle is in good condition before you go on the job.  Therefore, basic day-to-day checks will prevent any drawback.

  • Ensure headlights are working properly
  • Get winter tyres/ or existing tyres are in good condition/extra tyre
  • Ensure tyre-threads and pressures
  • Remove frost from wipers
  • Emergency kit (torch, warning triangle, jump leads, anti-freeze and scraper/de-icer)
  • Roadside breakdown number

Fully Charged Vehicle

You can maximise your vehicle range to prevent short fall of charge (or fuel) and avoid getting stranded in the traffic by:

  • Leaving your vehicle charging overnight
  • Preheat your vehicle battery before start of your journey
  • Do not let vehicle batter become low
  • Have heated seats and ventilation
  • When charging, turn heater off
  • Keep driving speed moderate
  • Check tyre pressure is correct

Drive Safely

During winter as the days are short and bad weather, this can cause problems for PCO and private hire drivers.  In order to prevent/minimise this you can:

  • Ensure you are driving at the correct speed
  • Double the stopping distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in the front
  • Ensure windscreens are clear and not smeared
  • Remove any snow or icy from the wind screen before driving
  • During fog, drive safely as road can be slippery and wet
  • Ensure headlights are on before it gets dark

Plan Ahead

As a PCO or private hire driver even though you are not able to plan ahead your destination; however, you can plan ahead for some events that take place during holiday season such as Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, Christmas lights and Ice skating.

Take Advantages Of Surges

During winter the pricing goes up, especially during Christmas season the prices double, these mean journeys are more profitable for PCO and private hire drivers.  Therefore, drivers need to target area in Central London.

Go The Extra Mile

During winter season as it can be very cold, as POC and private hire drivers, if you go that extra mile and help your customers and make their journey pleasant. 

  • Addressing drunk or confused customers by name and help them to get to their destination or if needed help them id destinations needs amend
  • taking extra care of vulnerable female customers
  • keeping an eye out for pedestrians in areas with low lights
  • ensure your vehicle is clean and smells nice
  • you have emergency cleaning kit (antibacterial spray, wipes, latex gloves)
  • ensure temperature inside your vehicle is correct and put light music is agrees
  • from time-to-time ask your customers if they are comfortable


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