How to manage PCO electric vehicle range in winter

Although electric vehicles come with more benefits such as no congestion charge and pleasant driving experience; however, during the cold weather, electric vehicles are not as efficient as they are during the warm weather.

As a result of the cold weather, PCO and private hire drivers will experience reduced range, reduced battery performance and slower charging speeds.

How to maximise electric vehicle range

During the cold weather electric vehicles range can be reduce to 35% than during the warm weather.  In order to increase electric vehicle range, PCO and private hire drivers will need to ensure:

  • The electric vehicle is plugged in when parked
  • Park in a garage (if possible)
  • Warm the vehicle when plugged and use departure times (during your shift breaks)
  • always top-up anti-freeze
  • regularly check tyre pressure and inflate tyres to decrease resistance and drag
  • turn on heated seats to prevent decrease of range

Battery performance

As temperature affects the effectiveness of electric vehicle battery; therefore, in order to extend battery life of an electric vehicle, it is important to ensure PCO and private hire drivers:

  • Drive efficiently and reserve the battery by driving at a steady speed and avoiding harsh braking or acceleration.
  • Avoid using the radio and heaters (where possible)
  • Avoid using speakers or other electrical devices
  • Cover your vehicle to keep both vehicle and battery warm
  • Warm vehicle before driving, while charging
  • Keep regenerative baking on to help recharging while driving

Charging your electric vehicle in cold weather

During the cold weather, charging your electric vehicle will take longer than it does during warm weather.  To ensure your electric vehicle is charged properly PCO and private hire drivers need to ensure:

  • Charge overnight as it takes extra time than it does during warm weather
  • Ensure there is enough charge left before going to a charging station
  • Do not leave charring at the last minute

Driving during winter can be unnerving, but following few simple steps, PCO and private hire can drive their electric vehicle smoothly and effectively.


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